5 Ways to Hold On to Peace in Challenging Times

©Joy Dunlap  https://joydunlap.com Peace. We search for it in our lives. We want it in our families and friendships. We hope for it in our country and in our world. But what exactly is abiding peace in our own lives and how can we have it even in the midst of...

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Where is Peace?

©Joy Dunlap  https://joydunlap.com Where do we find peace?  In a place?  A passion?  A purpose? Think back to a time when the sense of peace seemed strong.  What comes to mind? Hiking in the woods surrounded by soaring trees as light peeks through? Walking in a garden...

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Blasted by Poison

©Joy Dunlap  https://joydunlap.com Blasted by Poison The blast hit me right in the face.  My head jerked back. The mixture of water and fertilizer chemicals spewed all over my face and hair.  Stunned, it took me a few seconds to realize what had happened. Somehow the...

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Move Beyond the Walls

©Joy Dunlap  https://joydunlap.com The question is not if we can move beyond the walls to pursue worthwhile endeavors at this time, the question is will we?  Hidden in rooms behind a bookcase – for two years – Anne Frank wrote the renowned diary that has impacted...

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Two Things We Can Control

©Joy Dunlap  https://joydunlap.com Can we just admit it?  Control is something we crave.  Yet, even in the “normal” world, most of what we have or encounter in our own lives is beyond our control.  Genetics.  Jobs. Health. Talent. The lives of children or...

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