9 Verses to Celebrate the Creator of Earth

©Joy Dunlap  https://joydunlap.com Earth (or a derivative form) is mentioned 729 times in the Bible, more than love (686); good (610); and life (565). The word water?   You’ll find it in Scripture 617 times.  Fire (or a derivative) shows up 364. Earth Day began April...

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Chopped Trees and Calvary

©Joy Dunlap  https://joydunlap.com My heart sank. I’d been expecting it because of the signs I had seen, but nothing prepared me for what I saw. Hundreds of tall trees had been chopped down a few blocks from me. What will rise up is difficult to envision, and it’s...

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Parade of Delight

©Joy Dunlap  https://joydunlap.com A parade shows up at our place each spring.  Like marching musicians playing a variety of woodwind instruments, birds swoop from tree to tree singing their various songs.  The cacophony of their varied calls somehow transforms from...

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