Pool (of Life) Rules

©Joy Dunlap https://joydunlap.com Doing lap after lap of monotony without getting anywhere? Treading water trying to stay afloat?  Drowning in despair?   Whatever our state in the pool of life, whether swimming strong or barely floating, we can benefit from some key...

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Name Impact

©Joy Dunlap  https://joydunlap.com “Your mom wanted to name you Joy, and she was right.” My dad voiced that sentiment many times in the years after my mom had traveled to her heavenly home. As I recently celebrated another birthday, I thought about mom’s desire and...

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Prey or Pray?

©Joy Dunlap  https://joydunlap.com The hawk perched on the tree branch waiting patiently for its prey. Fascinated by its presence, I watched to see what it might do.  My attention wandered, and in that moment of distraction, the predator swooped down and grabbed its...

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