Gutter Life or Good Life?

©Joy Dunlap  https://joydunlap.com “Thump.”  The loud noise in the sunroom sounded as if a branch or a bird slammed into a window, or a mechanical device turned on, but as it happened again and again, the squirrel became the suspect.     A couple of weeks prior, a...

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What Scars Show Us

©Joy Dunlap  https://joydunlap.com The scar awakened memories.  Yet, rarely do I think of it these days. Perhaps an ache from exercise, a twinge from how I slept, or a stumble drew my attention back to the light-colored mark across my kneecap. Staring at the scar took...

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How to Bloom Well in Life

©Joy Dunlap  https://joydunlap.com A blooming flower garden can brighten even dark days.  While I delight in the daisies, roses and colorful annuals that grow in my yard, in reality, my expertise is limited. What then has helped my garden flourish?  Interestingly...

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